"This product has been amazing. I'm so happy to have found it."

Wow - oh wow!!! I am in love with this conditioner. I am using it in conjunction with the shampoo. It has a very refreshing scent of oranges. The consistency is nice and easy to pour out. You can tell it is moisturizing when you are in the shower even. It works excellent as a detangler also. It is easy to rinse out. The results have been amazing - my hair feels so nourished and clean. It definitely has more moisture and looks healthier. It has not weighed my hair down at all as some moisturizing sets do. Two thumbs up - I highly recommend this. I am getting results from this set at home like I am going to the salon and getting a deep treatment conditioning.

 Cindy on our Luxury Conditioner - ★★★★★ Amazon Review

"This soothed and helped the first time. In a few months I am buying the large size."

This product is WONDERFUL. It has deeply moisturized and leaves no residue. My face feels clean and light and hydrated like when I was young. I'm 49 and my skin suddenly got dryer and tighter and none of my collection of products would help. This soothed and helped the first time. In a few months I am buying the large size.

On our Luxury Organic Skin Repair Cream  - ★★★★★ Amazon Review

"I’m always looking for something new that’s organic and natural that works for my skin. I purchased the [Luxury Face and Body Wash] to give it a try to see how it works on my skin. I have extremely sensitive dry skin that tends to break out from almost anything I use. It’s tricky trying to find the right products that actually work and don’t irritate my sensitive skin. This product can now be added to one of those that does not make my skin break out or have any irritation at all. I love that this product is hypoallergenic as this means that my skin has a chance of surviving and not breaking out from this product. This cleanser is also free of chemicals and fragrance or perfumes’ that make me break out like crazy and cause my skin to itch and become irritated so this was one of the aspects of this product that drew me toward my purchase. Since there is no fragrance of perfumes added, this product do not really have a smell to it so you don’t have to worry about getting knocked out by a purfumey smelling wash that does not have any added benefits. The vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are wonderful for the skin but this also has aloe which is very soothing and can help your skin to be less irritated. Not only are my skin issues a contributing factor to what I but, I also like to see what the company has to offer. I feel confident with my purchase from Organic Prestige not only due to their 60 day satisfaction guarantee but knowing this is a wonderful company based on the fact that they are an environmentally friendly company, cruelty free and they do not test on animals. So far, my results with this product have been excellent. I have not issues with this cleanser and it makes my skin feel wonderful. I would surely recommend this product to anyone who has skin conditions and it looking for something they can use that is natural and will not make your skin issues a bigger problem. This is a wonderful product supplied by a thoughtful company."

 Dee on our Luxury Face & Body Wash - ★★★★★ Amazon Review

My hair is pretty long and very thick. I love trying new shampoos and conditioners and switching it up because a lot of shampoos leave my hair greasy. I've noticed lately that if I let my hair air dry it actually dries greasy so I need to wash it again very soon after. Because of this, I have to blow dry my hair every time I wash it, which is a pain. I have used this shampoo/conditioner set twice so far. The orange scent is okay, not the best but not bad. The shampoo is a little more liquidy than shampoo I normally use. When first using it, it felt like it wasn't getting to all of my hair and I felt like my hair wasn't getting clean. I feel like I had to use more than I do when using other shampoos but that's okay. The conditioner is really nice and creamy and made my hair feel so nice. The first time, I didn't have enough time to blow dry my hair so I took a chance and let it air dry. My hair dried so nice, it looked amazing and felt amazing! I was shocked. I thought maybe it was a fluke so I let it air dry again the second time I used it and once again my hair looked great. I wasn't sure about this product at first but I'm so satisfied. I will definitely be purchasing this shampoo and conditioner set again.

 Tammy on our Luxury Microdermabrasion Scrub - ★★★★★ Amazon Review


his product makes my body glow. You think I'm just saying that, but it's really true. I don't have red skin from rubbing too hard, or from harsh chemicals, but the dead skin cells have effectively been removed allowing glowing new skin to shine through. I like the silky feel of my skin after using this scrub, but I do not recommend using it every day. Twice a week is sufficient to remove all the dead skin cells, oil buildup and free radicals that attach themselves to our skin without our knowledge. It makes the skin vibrant, and healthy, and that's what I look for in new product. To be able to look and feel as healthy as I can is very important to me. 

 Tammy on our Luxury Microdermabrasion Scrub - ★★★★★ Amazon Review