All of our products are luxurious, natural and organic, and affordable. We worked and worked hard to be able to create such a high quality line for such low prices.

Our ingredients are natural, organic, and the most powerful Mother Nature has to offer. We searched worldwide to bring you these superfoods and the results will speak for themselves. For a full breakdown of exactly which ingredients we carefully selected for use and their exact benefits, please take a look at the “About Our Ingredients” page.

In accordance with our goal of bringing you products that will enhance your wellbeing inside and out, every item we sell is made without chemicals or irritants. Parabens have been connected with cancer, fertility issues, and developmental disorders. Sulfates are proven irritants which actively dry your skin and hair out—in conflict with any moisturizer you use. Alcohol too dries out the skin and hair and yet it is commonly found in skin and hair care products. Fillers, like water, make any formula weaker and less concentrated. Gluten and fragrance can cause irritation to those with sensitive skin. For these reasons and more, we never include any of these items in our formulas; so you can rest easy knowing you can trust what you’re putting onto, and therefore into, your body.

What especially sets us apart, even more so than our ingredients and lack of chemicals, is the fact that we carefully pH balance all of our products. This is important because when a product is too alkaline, as many skin and hair care products are, it can cause dryness, irritation, alkaline burns, and even open the gates for infection. The skin has a natural protective layer called the “acid mantle.” This acid mantle is slightly acidic, sitting at a pH level of about 5.5, and keeps microbes out and your natural oils in. When it is disrupted, you put your skin and your health at risk. That is why we make sure all of our products match the skin’s pH level at 5.5; this maintains the acid mantle and creates a friendlier environment for healing and health to take place in.

Our products are beneficial for any skin and any hair type—especially sensitive. Treat yourself to healthier skin with our scrub, wash, serum, and cream; pamper your hair with our shampoo and conditioner. Head on over to our shop to check them out for yourself!

As an additional note, all of our products are cruelty free and we never test on animals.  


A mix of natural fruit acids and finely ground walnut shell, this gentle scrub melts away dead skin to reveal the glow underneath. Soothing aloe joins refreshing citrus to bring your skin back to life. Kick the harsh scrubs to the curb and allow your skin to feel softer and smoother than ever before with our natural and organic, pH balanced formula.


This luxurious face and body cleanser hydrates and nourishes as it gently washes away impurities. Remove dirt, oil, and makeup without irritation or redness—instead, prepare yourself for soft, smooth, healthy skin. With a base of organic aloe vera, this soothing cleanser is perfect even for the most sensitive of skin types.


This nano-serum delivers antioxidants and hydration deep down into the skin to noticeably decrease wrinkles and fine lines. Let the combination of organic aloe vera and sodium hyaluronate give you the smoother, softer, fuller skin you deserve, as it nourishes all at the same time.


This cream is truly a treat for your skin! Rich with organic aloe, coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, blue-algae, hempseed oil, olive oil, vitamins, minerals, and proteins, this cream delivers an infusion of hydration and nutrition like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. The non-oily, smooth formula will soothe and moisturize even the most sensitive of skin.


This luxurious shampoo will remove the dirt and oil buildup from your hair while simultaneously moisturizing and nourishing it deeply. Organic aloe vera soothes while citrus revitalizes. Watch as the carefully pH balanced formula restores your hair to the health and beauty it deserves.


Infuse your hair with deep hydration that won’t weigh it down. Organic aloe vera, orange peel oil, and an assortment of vitamins come together to revitalize and repair. Let your hair shine with health as this conditioner restores your hair and scalp’s natural oils and essential nutrients.